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Tess Holliday gives baby the kind of name you’d expect from her

Only a few weeks after she had to defend herself (again) against vicious social media trolls who said she didn’t look pregnant, Tess Holliday has proved how ridiculous their comments were by giving birth to her second child, a baby boy named Bowie Juniper Holliday.

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Baby Bowie is the model’s first child with fiancé Nick Holliday and little brother to her 10-year-old son Rylee from a previous relationship.

All moms who have large age gaps between their kids will relate to Holliday feeling as if this is her first baby. “It’s been 10 years since I had a kid, so there are so many things that are new,” she said. “My friends that have babies are posting all of these new swings and breastfeeding techniques and new bottles, and it’s really overwhelming because I thought, ‘I’ve already done all this,’ but it feels like I haven’t. I’m having to relearn a lot!”

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During her pregnancy, Holliday shared a nude bathroom selfie of her pregnancy belly, writing, “When people say to me, ‘I can’t tell you’re pregnant.’ I will continue to live unapologetically, to thrive in this body, prove the naysayers wrong & laugh at the ignorance.”

The name Bowie is a Scottish baby boy name meaning “blond.” Of course, it’s a name the whole world associates with one person only, so was this the inspiration for Holliday’s choice? When David Bowie died on Jan. 10, 2016, Holliday posted a tribute to him on Instagram.

As a size-22 model, Holliday has had to fight for her place in the fashion world, and has made it her mission to encourage and support others who don’t fit into sample sizes (or other people’s ideas of what beauty is) by being an advocate for positive body image. David Bowie was also someone who challenged stereotypes and refused to be confined by other people’s boundaries, which makes this baby name seem like the perfect tribute.

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