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Kim Zolciak just found her toddlers in one #AwkwardPosition

Kim Zolciak knows a thing or two about parenting. With six kids ranging from ages 19 to 2-1/2, it’s safe to say that Zolciak and her husband, Kroy Biermann, have their hands full. And as with all parents of multiple kids, odds are that as time has gone on, they’ve gotten more lax and free range with their children. Case in point? Zolciak just found two of her younger kids playing with handcuffs all by their lonesome — and yep, one of them was actually handcuffed!

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After happening upon the two, Zolciak took to Snapchat to document the event. It was kind of a bold move considering that only days earlier Zolciak got serious crap for posting a video of her second-eldest, Ariana, being shocked by an electric dog collar by her dad. “Do I put dog collars on my kids, but I put handcuffs too,” Zolciak said of the video of the pajama-clad boys playing with the handcuffs. “KJ’s trying to pick the lock,” she added.

kim zolciak kids handcuffed
Image: Snapchat

Zolciak, no doubt, will get flak for the photo, as everything she does involving her kids results in flak. But! While some of her parenting choices have erred on the questionable side (ahem, Snapchatting a trip to the hospital), this isn’t one of those instances.

Kids (looking at you, toddlers) have a tendency to get into anything and everything. You think you have all your bases covered — you bolt furniture to the walls, put child locks on every cabinet — and then bam! Your little one walks out holding your handcuffs. (Though, for the record, thank goodness no one was playing with any other toys Zolciak may have that were next to the handcuffs.)

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Zolciak and her family live in a massive house with tons of people, and even though she has people working for her and is with her kids most of the time, it’s simply impossible for her to have her eye on everyone at all times. Surely she’s got anything that poses a seriously dangerous threat — medicines, scissors, knives, cleaning products — put away, but oopsie! She left her sex toys — er, handcuffs — within toddler reach.

There comes a moment in every parent’s life when their child has managed to get their hands on something embarrassing of theirs or at the very least something they hadn’t thought about in God knows how long. Ask a toddler to find the shoe they just had on, and they’ll be stumped, but they seem to have no problem finding 3-year-old lipstick, a random lone tampon or, in Zolciak’s case, handcuffs.

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Regardless of what people think of Zolciak and her ultra-laid-back parenting style, there’s one thing she deserves credit for: her sense of humor. While most parents would panic and hurriedly remove the handcuffs (which Zolciak obviously did), trying to not make mention of anything, she took a video of the incident and shared it with the world. And from the looks of things, her adorable sons (in their matching jammies!) are safe and having a grand ol’ time — what’s more important than that?

What do you think of Kim Zolciak Snapchatting her boys playing with handcuffs?

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