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13 funny graduation cap ideas that deserve an A+

Graduation mortarboards used to be viewed as a necessary evil. Sure, putting on your cap and gown made you feel instantly smart and excited about the future, but that tassel was always flying into your mouth and it’s pretty much impossible to wear one of these hats without completely flattening your hair.

These days, graduates have figured out something much better to do with their caps than simply toss them in the air at the end of commencement. Instead, they’re putting that blank square to good use by decorating their graduation hats, and some of the results are hysterical.

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This princess keeps it positive.

And you have to pay them off, even if your last name isn’t Lannister.

Because when you work hard to finish a nursing or medical degree, you’re entitled to be feeling yourself.
When all of your friends went to a different school or graduated before you.

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