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Greg Rikaart and Rob Sudduth are officially dads!

Soap star Greg Rikaart announced the arrival of his baby boy on Instagram Monday and his words may make you tear up a little.

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“We fight hate, fear, bigotry, homophobia and injustice in the world with love, intellect and enlightenment,” the Young and the Restless star wrote alongside a gorgeous photo of himself with husband Rob Sudduth and their newborn son. “In the truest and most pure definitions of the latter words, it is with full hearts that Rob and I take great pride in introducing our son, Montgomery Argo Rikaart-Sudduth.”

Rikaart revealed that Montgomery was born in Roseville, California, on June 12 via their “trooper of a surrogate” Marcela.

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Montgomery, meaning “man power,” was originally an Anglo-Scottish surname, drawn from the French place name of the ancient castle of Saint Foi de Montgomery. In its full form it’s dashing and distinguished, bringing to mind iconic actor Montgomery Clift, but when it’s shortened to Monty or Monte (as Rikaart has already done in his Instagram post) it becomes super cute.

In pop culture, Montgomery is the first name of Star Trek’s engineer Scotty, the name of a character in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, and of course the middle name of Charles Montgomery “Monty” burns on The Simpsons.

Montgomery has never been featured in the U.S. baby name chart, but perhaps Rikaart’s announcement will start a new trend? It’s a more popular name in the U.K., charting at number 421 in 2014.

Congratulations to the family of three — continue to spread the love, guys.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

surrogate giving birth
Image: Leilani Rogers/Photos by Lei

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