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Beyond Emma and Sophia: Unusual baby girl names that end in A

Baby girl names that end with the letter A are a dime a dozen. There are tons and tons of them, but don’t worry — that’s definitely not a bad thing. It just means that moms and dads looking for a name for their little girls have a lot of choices. As names that end with the letter A tend to sound more feminine than those that do not, it’s a very popular way to spell a girl’s name. In fact, the six most popular girl names in the U.S. during 2015 all end with the letter A.

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We decided to do something a little different. Instead of rehashing some of those baby names that are currently very popular, we dug a little deeper to find names that are a little less common. These 50 baby girl names are a little off the beaten track. It’s easy to fill up a baby name list with popular picks like Sophia and Emma (and of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those names), but it can be harder to find names that are truly uncommon.

We were definitely up to the task, though. There are a ton of girl baby names here, all ending with the letter A, and there is plenty of variety for moms and dads. We have classic literary names like Desdemona, vintage names with a modern flair like Elora, short and sweet names like Mina and drop-dead gorgeous names like Zola.

Even if you’re not specifically hunting for a baby girl name that ends in A, check out these incredible names and see if they wind up on your baby name list. We’re betting at least one does.

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