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T marks the end spot of these baby boy names

Girl baby names that end in the letter T aren’t super easy to find, and boy names that do the same aren’t very common, either. That’s what makes this baby name list so fun — these boy names are just unique enough to stand out, but they really aren’t so odd they’ll wind up on a “strange baby names” list sometime in the future.

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Take 2015’s most popular boy names, for example. We have to travel all the way to spot No. 34 on the boys’ side to find the first one that ends with the letter T — Wyatt. There isn’t a ton thereafter either, with Vincent coming in at No. 109 and Everett at No. 139. We’re okay with that, though, as while we were rifling through tons of baby names, we found some pretty rockin’ boys’ names that end with T.

As you peruse our list, you’ll see a variety of different types of names, from names that probably started off their lives as last names (like Bennett and Hewitt) and names with nature origins (like Summit, Night and Forest) to names with a singular flair (like Kent and Trent), names with a country feel about them (like Colt and Flint) and monikers a little off the beaten path (such as the Arabic name Rahat or the modern name Jaret).

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Whether you’re looking for that perfect first name or you have your eyes on a super-cool middle name, you’re sure to find a few ideas here.

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