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All of these baby girl names come to a T… literally

Baby names for girls that end in soft sounds, such as ah, ee or ay, are plentiful and easy to find. In fact, the first six names on 2015’s most popular names in the U.S. end just like that — Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Ava, Isabella, and Mia. You’ll also notice that each of these names ends with the letter A. Harder to find, however, is a girl’s name that ends with either a hard consonant sound or a consonant letter.

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We were up to the task, though. We chose to scour girl baby names to see how many awesome ones we could come up with that end with the letter T. They are certainly few and far between, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome than their more feminine counterparts.

While each of the girl names below ends with the letter T, they don’t all necessarily end in the sound of this attractive consonant. Some make use of a silent T, such as Margot and Bardot. Others make use of names that end in an “ette” sound, but they cleverly leave off that final E.

Other names are a little more unique, such as Scout and Sonnet (literary names); some are often used as nicknames but make excellent given names as well (such as Cait and Lisbet); and others have more of an exotic flair (such as the lovely Hebrew name Nurit, and the Nordic name Berit).

Whatever type of name you prefer, you’re sure to find at least one girl name that ends in T to add to your baby name list.

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