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Once Upon a Time couple has got baby naming on lock

They play Snow White and Prince Charming on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, and the latest development in Ginnifer Goodwin and John Dallas‘ real life fairy tale is a new baby boy, who they have named Hugo Wilson Dallas.

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Baby Hugo, a little brother to Oliver Finlay Dallas, 2, was born on June 1 in Los Angeles. The name Hugo is the Latin form of Hugh and means “intelligent.” It’s been gradually dropping in the U.S. baby name chart over the last decade, coming in at no. 432 in 2015, but in many other countries, it’s extremely popular. It’s been a firm favorite in the U.K. for hundreds of years, was top of the chart in Spain in 2014 and has been in the top 100 in Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland and the Netherlands in recent years.

Famous bearers of the name include designer Hugo Boss, late president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez and Austrian composer Hugo Wolf. It’s made numerous appearances in popular culture, such as Batman’s longtime adversary Hugo Strange, Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in hit TV show Lost, Hugo Stiglitz in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds and Hugo Weasley, son of Ron and Hermione in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

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In a recent interview, Goodwin revealed that she and Dallas have realized that the more help you can get with a baby, the better. “The first time we thought we needed to be heroes and do everything ourselves,” she told Jimmy Kimmel in February, adding that this time around, they’re “going at it Downton Abbey-style — staffing up — like a nanny and an under-nanny.”

Goodwin and Dallas met in 2011 while filming Once Upon a Time in Canada and married in April 2014, one month before Oliver was born.

Here’s hoping this family of four lives happily ever after.

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