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Superhero mom takes on daughter’s kidnapper — and wins

Incur the wrath of a protective mom and you won’t know what hit you. Craig Bonello can vouch for this. The 30-year-old allegedly tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl in a Florida convenience store Tuesday — but he wasn’t prepared for getting his butt kicked by her mother.

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The incident was captured on the store’s surveillance video, which shows the suspect grabbing the teenager by her arms and dragging her to the front door. The mom wasted no time in taking hold of her teen’s arm, while simultaneously fighting off Bonello.

Just watch her. She doesn’t give up until he lets go and runs out the front door.

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Luckily, an off-duty deputy was getting out of his patrol car to enter the store, was alerted to the attempted abduction by the store manager and acted quickly to stop Bonello from driving out of the parking lot.

But the real hero of this story has to be that mom, who turned into a total badass superhero to save her daughter’s life.

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