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Blue Bloods‘ star Marisa Ramirez’s baby name is oh so chic

Lots of people opt to keep their baby name secret for a while in an attempt to keep various opinion havers and baby name ruiners at bay. Marisa Ramirez managed to keep her pick for her baby girl secret for her entire pregnancy, and then she did one better — she kept the birth a secret too.

Now, she’s no postpartum ninja like Alexis Bledel, but she did surprise Twitter yesterday evening by announcing that she gave birth to a stunningly adorable daughter a full week ago. The Blue Bloods actress also revealed the little one’s name: Violet Rae.

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In a short and sweet tweet, the actress introduced little Violet to the world, crooning that she was high on new baby love:

Violet‘s got a long and dignified history and comes from the delicate, vibrantly colored flower. It manages to hit a few trends in one go, like the similarly flowery girl names Daisy, Lily and Rose and the colorful Scarletts, Cyans and Cerises. The one we love best, though, is the resurgence of Violet as an everything-old-is-new-again trend of picking through Victorian- and Edwardian-era favorites.

In fact, parents from those eras were all about the flowers, partly due to the publication of Le Langage des Fleurs and Flora Symbolica, two hugely popular books that cataloged the meaning and symbology of flowers as well as how to keep your flower etiquette game on point. For example, a red carnation meant someone was hot for you, while a striped one meant “no thanks.” You wouldn’t want to mess that one up.

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Edwardian parents took it pretty seriously too. There were Snowdrops aplenty and even a Gladiolus or two walking around back then. Violet was a particularly popular name back then because, according to Flora Symbolica, the little bloom was all about modesty and chastity.

It’s unlikely that Violet has endured because parents everywhere hope their daughters will be eternally demure. It’s endured because, well, it’s pretty and chic. Other famous folks, like Jennifer Garner, Christina Milian and Dave Grohl, love it too, and it could be that those celebrity kid names are responsible for Violet’s recent rise in popularity. It is the 50th most popular girls’ name in the U.S., making it almost as en vogue as it was a century ago.

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Either way, we love the past-meets-present mashup of Violet and Rae, a pairing that gives Ramirez’s new addition a name that’s anything but shrinking and diminutive. Congratulations, Marisa! We hope to see more of your little blossom soon!

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