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Unusual baby name choice brings accusations of child abuse — no, really

Okay, first of all, a baby name is a choice made by one or more parents, and it’s really none of anybody else’s business. But sometimes a name pops onto our radar that can only elicit the response, “Say whaaat?”

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One Australian mum is receiving a lot of attention for her baby girl’s name, and she can hardly be surprised — we absolutely guarantee you won’t find it in any baby name book anywhere in the world.

It’s not an unusual name, but she’s decided to spell it in a way that can only lead to a lifetime of confusion. The baby girl is called “Kaitlyn,” but her mum is spelling it “KVIIIlyn,” with the Roman numeral VIII taking the place of the “ait” sound.

As unusual as this name may be, some of the comments online go a little too far. The reason it came to the world’s attention was that a Reddit user discovered a letter from the mum in a magazine, took a snap and shared it on the site with the caption, “Surely a form of child abuse?”

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KVIIIlyn might adore her name and thrive on the attention the unusual spelling is bound to bring her way. Or she might want to change it at the earliest possible opportunity. Her name is hardly child abuse, but there’s a good chance KVIIIlyn won’t thank her parents for the unique spelling of her name when she’s older. While most of us would know at a glance what “K8lyn” was, we can’t see Roman numerals featuring in text-speak anytime soon.

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