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Hunger Games star gives baby a heroic Southern name with a fiery kick

The Hunger Games‘ Wes Chatham and his wife, sports broadcaster and TV presenter Jenn Brown, are celebrating the birth of their second child this week. Baby boy Rhett Jameson Chatham joins 18-month-old John Nash to ensure that mom is well and truly outnumbered!

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Rhett was born June 1 in Los Angeles, and the birth was much less dramatic than Nash’s arrival. The firstborn came five weeks early in 2014, and his dad was on an airplane at the time. Luckily, Chatham, 37, was there to witness the birth of his second son. Brown, 35, said he made it home from filming The Expanse in Toronto “just in time.”

Rhett, a Welsh boy name meaning ardent and fiery, is best known for being the name of the hero of Margaret Mitchell’s epic historical romance novel set in the 19th-century American South, Gone with the Wind.

Chatham was born in north Georgia, which is known as the Empire State of the South, so the name choice is definitely a nod to his heritage.

Gone with the Wind was published in 1936, and the film adaptation followed in 1939, but the name Rhett — like Scarlett (O’Hara, the central character in the book) — remains popular in the U.S. and is actually more popular today than ever. In the past five years, it’s risen more than 300 places on the U.S. baby boy name chart, and in 2015, it was the 274th most popular boy name in America.

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Before Mitchell and her character Rhett Butler made the name more mainstream, it was brought to North America in 1694 and was the surname of a noted politician during the Civil War period, Robert Barnwell Rhett Sr. Aside from perhaps the greatest hero of American literature, other well-known Rhetts include American football player Rhett Ellison, lead singer of the Old 97’s Rhett Miller and country music artist Thomas Rhett.

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