Jana Kramer claps back at mommy shamers on Instagram

Jun 2, 2016 at 5:07 p.m. ET

Baby food. It's a big, big step in the marathon of parenting. It represents one of the first of many happy-sad moments that you'll experience in the years to come; one of the first major milestones of your child's life that makes them just a little less dependent on you. You'll laugh, you'll cry, etc.

At the very least, it's incredibly exciting, which is why lots of moms want to share it with pretty much any and everyone who will listen to them crow, and celebrity moms are no different. Country singer and former One Tree Hill actress Jana Kramer posted her own baby food moment on Instagram yesterday, but instead of sharing her excitement, it didn't take long for people to start criticizing it.

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We know. Very shocking. The star unwittingly set the rabid holier-than-thou mob on herself when she posted this disgusting, scandalous picture of a haul of baby food:


And before she knew it, she was celebrating another mommy milestone right alongside "baby's first jar of strained pees:" learning that she sucks as a mother, and that if she really loved her daughter Jolie, she'd be in the kitchen mashing and blending her own fruit and veg into a delicious love-infused paste.

Tinned baby food? More like poison, right?

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It's actually not the first time that Kramer has experienced this momentous occasion, though. She got her first bout of mommy shaming back when she wasn't breastfeeding, so she's actually already been inducted into the club of strangers telling her what's best for her and her family. Of course, that very phrase makes absolutely no sense, which is why Kramer decided to shut down the clutch of haters with a post shortly after her first, reminding internet trolls that their opinions are neither welcome nor valid.


We have to give the singer big ups here, because it's something we've all longed to do. And why don't we? Right there, in the moment, as Kramer did? There's this prevailing idea that it's best to ignore trolls or just not make waves when it comes to this stuff, but why not issue an immediate response? Kramer didn't melt down or get hugely defensive, she just invited anyone not directly involved in making sure little Jolie stays healthy and happy to go ahead and step off.

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And sure, plenty of us will run off and shoot off a passive aggressive Facebook screed or blog post addressing how we really feel about being made to feel bad about perfectly reasonable parenting decisions. And yes, let's take a moment to address the fact that buying jarred baby food instead of crushing an avocado under a hand-whittled mortar and pestle is a perfectly reasonable parenting decision.

Maybe if more of us addressed our trolls directly — both in real life and on the internet — we'd make a little more headway in the quest to get them to mind their own business.

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