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How Candace Cameron Bure’s keeping her kids’ public images in check

Candace Cameron Bure is your typical sports mom — one who also just so happens to star in Fuller House, co-host The View, finish third on Dancing with the Stars, write books, raise three teenagers and partner with incredible organizations that are helping to bring families together.

The mom of three has been working nonstop in the entertainment industry since the ’80s, and tells SheKnows she grew up taking photographs and learning about photography from great artists in the business, which has fostered in her a passion for taking photos of her own family. As the mom of a 17-year-old daughter (Natasha Bure, who is an aspiring singer with 235,000 Instagram followers and a YouTube following), a 16-year-old son and a 14-year-old son, Bure says there’s nothing more special to her than documenting her kids’ lives in photos.

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Her latest endeavor unites her love of sports and family — she is the celebrity spokesperson for Canon PIXMA Printers and the Little League Baseball World Series “Picture Perfect Season” contest.

“I’m the mom who loves to take pictures — of everything,” Bure tells SheKnows in an exclusive interview. “We went out for yogurt with my kids last night, and we took pictures of each other and selfie-style. I love to share my pictures, especially on social media, where I share with my fans, and pretty much give them the gamut of my life.”

When it comes to sharing on social media, Bure knows all too well that even an innocent photograph can unleash fury and harsh criticism from fans and non-fans alike. Take, for example, her performance with Vanilla Ice on The View, which prompted some of her Christian fans to express their disappointment in her. In their eyes, she was not acting very Christian. While you can’t make everyone happy all of the time, Bure shares that she is teaching her children that being in the public eye is a responsibility, and that the way they conduct themselves on social media should always reflect values they’ve been taught at home.

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“[Natasha] obviously knows her mom well and what I value and represent, and those are life lessons I’ve taught all of my kids over the years,” Bure says. “Now that she’s old enough to make her own decisions, she knows to be responsible and wise with her choices because everyone is watching and you can use the platform for good.”

Even though she says her children are making good decisions for themselves, there is a limit to how much Bure will allow when it comes to social media.

“My youngest is 14 and still not on social media,” Bure says, “because it’s so distracting. They can set up accounts when they are in high school — even in high school it’s distracting — but that was kind of the compromise for us. I have rules for social media, and if there’s anything inappropriate they know I can take their phones away and shut the sites down. They’ve been good though. My youngest is going to start his social media journey, and he’s excited. He’s been waiting since sixth grade.”

Bure famously battled bulimia in her 20s, and has been vocal and generous with fans about her road to recovery. Given the pressure both women and men face on social media, and in the entertainment business, to maintain a thin, and oftentimes unhealthy body aesthetic, Bure says she has worked to instill a healthy body image in all her children by stressing the importance of healthy eating and fitness.

“My husband [hockey player Valeri Bure] is a professional athlete and we’ve focused on getting the right amount of exercise each day, and fueling your body well and keeping it running to the optimum performance it can be,” Bure says. “Because they’re around the entertainment industry, it’s easy to point out what’s fake or phony or manipulated. But our kids have always been into sports. I was a sports mom. My sons are hockey players — they grew up playing tennis, golf just like their dad. We’ve always been involved in sports and we love it.”

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When she isn’t on set or giving back to great causes, Bure keeps her family close by booking fun trips together that strengthen their bond. A night at the local froyo shop is always great — but we’re a little green with envy over Bure’s absolute favorite trip memory: “Eating crêpes under the Eiffel Tower with my family!”

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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