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We asked 10 dads what they want for Father’s Day, and here’s what they said

It’s that time of year again — that time when we celebrate dads in all their fatherly glory. Father’s Day is indeed upon us. Dads are rock stars; they’re the real-life heroes our kids aspire to be. They work so hard for the sake of their families, and they deserve to have their day done their way. But what exactly is their way? What do dads really want for Father’s Day?

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We asked 10 dads that exact question. The results, well, they might surprise you. We thought they might wish for their big day to be filled with even bigger adventures, with cases of beer and keg stands and with all the fancy, shiny dad swag they could get their man hands on. We were wrong. So what do dads really want on their special day? We’ll let them tell you…

“Nothing complicated. No crazy schedules, no stress. Definitely want to spend it with my son and my own old man, of course. But just leave all stresses and complications to the side.” — Chris A.

“I want breakfast and to see the handmade cards my girls make for me. They don’t stay little forever, so I want to enjoy them in this stage. When they get older, they will look at Father’s Day for more materialistic presents, and I will be missing the drawings and handmade cards they make me now.” — Rick P.

“Fixing my kids what they want and spending quality time doing things they want to do with me. It lets them know I’m blessed to have them.” — Mark B.

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“I just want to spend time with the kids.” — John W.

“I just want to spend the day stress free with my daughter and my grandkids.” — Mike H.

“My dad is 73. Last Father’s Day, he surprised me when he requested a pedicure and massage. But he loved it! And he’s getting a combo again this year.” — Sarah R. said of her dad’s request

“Honestly, Father’s Day has never been a big thing for me. Just being with my family is enough. Coming off a deployment will make it that much more special just to be with them. There are those that can’t.” — Andy A. said of being a military dad on Father’s Day. Thanks for your service, Andy!

“I just want a home-cooked meal and to spend time with my kids and grandkids.” — Keith R.

“A cold beer, something good to grill and a stress-free day acting like a kid with my own kids.” — Ryan M.

“I don’t want gifts or cards. I just want an entire day to enjoy my family. With jobs and school and sports, we don’t get much time to just be together and enjoy each other. Throw in some beer and a steak, and the day would be perfect.” — Nick W.

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So there you have it, straight from the dads themselves, what they really want for Father’s Day. It looks like dads just want to have fun and spend a stress-free day with their families. So save yourself the grief of trying to track down the perfect material gift, and splurge on the Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost a thing — plenty of fun and quality time. Bonus points if you bring steak and beer.

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