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Twilight star pulls his baby name out of rock ‘n’ roll history

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Actor Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga) is a dad again! The 31-year-old welcomed his second child with wife Sheila Hafsadi on May 31 — a baby girl.

The proud dad announced the news on Twitter, and it’s clear a love of music influenced their name choice.

Like her big brother, 3-year-old Monroe Jackson, new baby Presley has two pretty powerful names, which we assume pay tribute to her parents’ musical icons. We all recognize Presley as the king of rock and roll’s surname, but it’s actually an English baby name meaning “from the priest’s meadow.” In 2015, Presley ranked at number 187 in the U.S. girl name chart, its highest ever position.

The newborn’s second name, Bowie, is far less common as a girl name. It’s thought that baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn first put it on the map as a first name, but it’s obviously best known for being the surname of one of the most famous Davids of all time. (He was actually born David Robert Jones but changed his surname in 1965 to avoid confusion with Davy Jones of The Monkees.) It’s said that Bowie chose the name after the American hero of the Alamo, Jim Bowie. Before it secured its place in the history of rock, Bowie was a Scottish boy name meaning “blond.”

Little Presley Bowie Rathbone isn’t the first celebrity baby to have this name. In 2015, actress Zoe Saldana named one of her twin boys Bowie, and it’s also the middle name of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s youngest son, Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale. But Bowie’s definitely not just for boys — in 2014, designer Rebecca Minkoff named her baby girl Bowie Lou.

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A few hours after sharing the family’s happy news, Rathbone returned to Twitter to thank his followers for their congratulations and revealed that he’s definitely grasped the most fundamental rule of parenting: sleep when baby sleeps.

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