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This video of a dad ‘breastfeeding’ his daughter is spreading like wildfire

Babies are tiny, fascinating creatures. Besides being adorable beyond reason and lovable even on zero sleep, they’re also intuitive little things. From day one, they know exactly where the food is and how to get it — that is, they have a literal instinct that pulls them straight to the boob.

Of course, that can pose a little bit of a problem. What if the boob isn’t around? Suppose, for instance, the owner of said boob has gone back to work to bring home some tasty bacon for her new and growing family, and so the place where the baby usually gets milk is unusually hairy? That’s where dads have to get inventive, and that’s just what one dad did in a video that’s going viral.

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The video, which was posted to a page called Breastfeeding Mama Talk, is just a few seconds of memefied hilarity, but it manages to be strangely touching as well. In it, a dad is “breastfeeding” his brand-new baby girl, and no, he didn’t need a tangle of tubing or some kind of expensive breast vest to do it. The MacGyver-ing dude in question managed to make do with a bottle, a tank top and a pair of scissors, it seems:
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It’s no wonder that the post has been shared nearly 75,000 times. There’s something just sort of innately hilarious about a dude who has a bottle poking out of his shirt in a weird, tented, vaguely breast-like appendage while his daughter, never the wiser, happily suckles away.

And of course, there’s no getting around how touching this is, even though it’s undeniably funny. After all, it’s a pretty dedicated dad who won’t just ignore the absurdity of building himself a breast but will actually voluntarily document himself doing it. That’s a dad who really doesn’t care what you think about his inclination to make sure his kid eats, even at the expense of his own dignity, and that’s pretty awesome.

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Of course, this is the internet, so there’s no shortage of people shouting about how breast is best (but apparently breast milk from a bottle arranged to look and feel like a breast is not? Color us confused…) and taking umbrage with Dad’s decision to say that he’s “helping out” or claiming that what he’s doing is “just like” breastfeeding. (Guys, we’re pretty sure he knows it’s not.) But that doesn’t make the very last line of this very adorable video any less true.

“Gotta love it!”

We definitely do. And so do, apparently, the masses, since this one’s making the rounds like crazy. There’s no way you can ever replace Mom altogether, but you can definitely do your best to be an acceptable substitute. And that’s something this guy is clearly taking very seriously. Keep up the good work, Dad!

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