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Major sippy cup recall: What parents need to know

If you’re a fan of the massively popular Tommee Tippee brand of sippy cups for your kid, chances are high that you’ve got a recalled sippy cup in your diaper bag somewhere. Mayborn, the company that makes cups under the Tommee Tippee brand, recently announced a massive voluntary recall that affects more than 3 million cups after over 3,000 complaints were filed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Here’s what you need to know:

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1. The recall affects any cup with a one-piece white valve. The valve is very difficult to open and clean, which means moisture becomes trapped in the piece, allowing mold to grow. The mold, when ingested, can cause gastrointestinal issues and poses an infection risk for kids with compromised immune systems.

2. The cups that have been recalled were sold between December 2014 and May 2016 and include the 4m+ First Sips Transition Cup, 7m+ Trainer Sippee Cup, 9m+ Sippee Cup, 12m+ Sportee Bottle, 12m+ Insulated Sipper Tumbler and 9m+ Cute Quips Sippee Cup.

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3. The recall also affects cups that were sold as part of one of six “kits” that packaged bottles and sippy cups together, including the Closer to Nature 0m+ value packs in orange, pink and green as well as the 3m+ Tip It Up Bottle to Cup transition kit. The cups included in those kits are marketed under the name 4m+ First Sips Transition Cup when they’re sold individually.

4. Mayborn is asking parents to discontinue use of the valves immediately and to contact the company for a replacement. Parents can keep the cup base if they wish, as all the Tommee Tippee products have interchangeable lids, but they will receive an entire replacement lid and base either way. The affected cups will be replaced with either the 6m+ Trainer Straw Cup or the Trainer Sippee Cup, which will feature a much-easier-to-clean two-piece valve piece.

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5. Parents will receive a new cup for each lid they send in to the company. Mayborn will send parents a shipping label, and consumers are being asked to send the lids with the affected pieces to the company with that label. You do not need a receipt, but you will need to send your lids to get the replacement cups.

6. For more information on the recall and to get your own replacement, you can visit the Tommee Tippee site for either the United States or Canada and fill out the form provided on the company’s recall page, or call Mayborn directly at 877-248-6922.

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