Fat-shaming babies is everything that is wrong with the internet

Landon Lee, a 10-month-old cutie pie from Texas, is guaranteed to make you smile whenever he pops up in your Instagram feed. Those eyes! That smile! The impressive collection of slogan tees!

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Sadly there are some people out there who get a kick out of fat-shaming this adorable, cuddly little guy. Landon’s mom, Jessica Benton, was shocked when she realized one of her Instagram pictures of her son had been lifted by another user and shared on his own page with the caption “Stuff Curry” as a nasty play on basketball player Stephen “Steph” Curry’s name.

As the cruel meme spread online, other users made fat-shaming comments about the baby boy, including calling him a “fatass” and even questioning Benton’s parenting skills. When the mom asked the user to take the post down, he refused — and blocked her.

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But this mama wasn’t about to let the bullies break her down. She decided to put a spin on their nastiness and ordered a “Stuff Curry” jersey for Landon to embrace his meme. She continues to post gorgeous photos of her son on Instagram, and the account now has over 46,000 followers. What’s more, she’s hoping this experience — albeit it one he’s too young to remember — will inspire her boy to take a stand against bullying when he’s older.

“You never know how deeply your words can affect somebody else — people have no filter online, and it’s really sad,” said Benton. “I hope that when Landon gets older, he stands up for other people who are bullied.”

What kind of people fat-shame a baby? This is an example of how some people will do anything to get a reaction on social media. Body-shaming and bullying are horrible aspects of life that many of our kids will have to deal with at some point in their lives, but we expect that to come from other kids in the playground, not from adults hiding behind their screen names, poking fun at an innocent baby.

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Good for Landon’s mom for standing up to the bullies, turning the situation into a positive and continuing to share the adorable pics of her boy.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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