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If this is the worst thing Leah Messer does to her kids, they’ll be fine

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is under fire again, and this time it’s for giving her daughter a special treat. People have taken to Twitter to slam Messer for allowing her youngest daughter, Adalynn, to *gasp* eat frosting straight from the can.


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The young mom first came under fire after she failed to give her daughters breakfast before taking them to school in the show’s season premiere. After last night’s episode, where Messer was seen sitting her child down with the questionable sugary treat of frosting fresh from the can, a little bit of concern and a whole lot of criticism came barreling her way.

Judging from the response she got on Twitter, you would think she was force-feeding her 3-year-old that can of frosting or specifically starving her of anything nutritious, People tend to forget that MTV loves to show the more salacious bits of these young mothers’ lives, so perhaps we should take a step back before judging Messer so harshly.

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Editing, aside, a super-busy morning can sometimes get the best of us. Who hasn’t fed their kids a half-assed breakfast, like plain toast, in the car on the way to school at least once while running out the door completely disheveled. We try to keep it all together, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. If only the worst highlights of our parenting were on display, let’s face it, that picture would not be pretty.

As for the frosting, an ultra-sugary treat every once in a while isn’t going to kill a kid. Is giving your kid a can of frosting an award-worthy parenting moment?

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No, but sometimes that’s part of parenting, and it doesn’t automatically make you a bad mom. We don’t get to see the whole picture of any mother’s life, so how about we do a little less judging and cut other moms some slack when they need it most.

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