30 West Coast Baby Names With a Laid-Back Vibe

If you’re from the West Coast of the U.S. — or even just spent some time there and fell in love with it — you know there’s no place quite like it. From the California deserts to Washington state’s actual rainforest (?!) the Pacific Coast can feel like it holds little pieces of the whole world. And if you’re about to welcome a tiny new West Coaster (or just one with coastal-cool roots), we’ve got just the name ideas for you.

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These names come from coastal cities, beaches and points of interest along the West Coast. In a few cases, though, we’ve improvised a bit to make the names more appealing to parents (although, if you want to name your baby Huntington, don’t let us stop you!).

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  • Adam (Adamson House, California)
  • Astoria (Oregon)
  • Avalon (California) 
  • Barbara (Santa Barbara, California)
  • Belle (Bellevue, Washington)
  • Bixby (Bixby Bridge, located in California)
  • Brinnon (Washington)
  • Brook (Brookings, Oregon)
  • Cannon (Cannon Beach, Oregon)
  • Carl (Carlsbad, California)
  • Casmalia (California)
  • Clinton (Washington)
  • Dillon (Dillon Beach, California)
  • Doran (Doran Regional Park, California) 
  • Everett (Washington)
  • Florence (Oregon)
  • Harmony (California)
  • Hunter (Huntington Beach, California)
  • Lincoln (Lincoln City, Oregon)
  • Maverick (Mavericks, California)
  • Monica (Santa Monica, California)
  • Monty (Monterey Bay)
  • Olympia (Washington)
  • Rich (Richmond, California)
  • Sebastian (Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor, Oregon)
  • Topanga (Topanga State Beach, California)
  • Vashon (Vashon Island, Washington)
  • Vincent (Vincent Landing, California)
  • Warren (Warrenton, Oregon)
  • Zuma (Zuma Beach, California)
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A version of this article was originally published in September 2016.


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