Don't hate Kristin Cavallari and Coco Austin for looking beautiful after baby

May 15, 2016 at 9:09 p.m. ET

You'd never know by looking at her that Kristin Cavallari gave birth six months ago. The Laguna Beach star recently opened up to Us Weekly about her fitness routine, which includes regular hot yoga and grueling sessions with trainer Michael Sorrentino. “I’m getting my ass kicked in the gym four days a week by a trainer," Cavallari explained. "I’ve been working out really hard, I have to say. And I’m lifting weights but it’s more circuit training, so there’s a little bit of cardio involved.” And Coco Austin recently posted a series of pictures of her own perfectly hourglass-shaped bikini body, writing about how happy she was to be in a bikini after giving birth: "Being preggers last year until this past November I haven't seen my bikini drawer in awhile," she gushed happily on Instagram.

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And, honestly, good for them! It's always wonderful to feel good in your own skin, and there's nothing wrong with these stars enjoying their post-baby bodies. The problem arises, though, when we compare ourselves to them — which most people do. This can be especially be damaging for exhausted new moms who likely don't have the time or resources to invest in their own celebrity trainers and spend hours whipping their bodies back into shape.


A recent survey found that post-baby body worries consume many women after they give birth. Dr. Giovanna Fletcher — who presented the results of a survey at UK event The Baby Show — reported that 52 percent of women admitted that their post-baby bodies were their biggest concern, topping any worries they had about their relationship or career.

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Pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert Dr. Joanna Helcké told the Daily Mail that celebrity worship is fueling many new mothers' insecurities: "Often, new moms will pick up a magazine and see their favorite celebrity snap back into shape just weeks after the birth of their baby, but this is very unrealistic for the modern-day mom, which can be damaging for their confidence," she said. "Instead, it’s key to manage expectations; don’t put too much pressure on yourself and go at your own pace."


The pressure to look like a supermodel during and after your pregnancy can have dangerous health impacts for many women. A survey by Cafe Mom and Self found that 48 percent of women "engaged in disordered-eating behavior such as restricting calories, overexercising, restricting entire food groups and eating lots of low-cal or low-fat foods." Some survey respondents even "confessed to fasting or cleansing, purging and using diet pills or laxatives."

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So, while it's great that stars like Austin and Cavallari are really feeling their post-pregnancy bodies, that shouldn't stop you from feeling yours — whatever it looks like.