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Teacher graffitis school property and we’re totally cheering her

You don’t hear of many teachers graffiti-ing school property. But one 5th grade teacher, Chandni Langford from Woodbury Public School in New Jersey, wrote all over her students’ desks — for the best reason ever.

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Mrs. Langford knew her pupils were stressing out about their exams, so she decided inspirational quotes graffitied on their desks would help motivate them.

The school district shared photos of the classroom on Facebook with the caption, “To motivate her 5th grade kids, Mrs. Langford prepared inspirational, growth-mindset messages for every one of her students.”

Each personalised note, which was written in dry erase marker so it could be removed, was signed from “your teachers” and Mrs. Langford used the hashtag #growthmindset to “relax and encourage” the students.

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How amazing is Mrs. Langford? Every school in the world needs a teacher like this. A teacher who goes above and beyond what is required of her, because she truly cares about her students and understands how much pressure they’re under.

The love for this woman is flooding the Woodbury City Public Schools Facebook page, thankfully drowning out the occasional idiotic comment about how she’s setting a bad example by writing on the desk (it’s dry erase marker, people — it’ll come off in a second) .

Sure, this an unconventional — and slightly delinquent — way to motivate students, but that’s why it’s so awesome. Teachers who think outside the box don’t always meet with praise (and sometimes they don’t deserve it) but in this case, we should all have nothing but admiration for Mrs. Langford. She’s shown her students she’s got their backs, and hopefully given them the motivation they need to smash those exams.

The words might come off, but what Mrs. Langford wrote on those desks won’t be forgotten, either by the students or their parents.

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