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Stringing letters is officially the coolest way to learn the ABCs


Step 1: Cut the yarn into pieces of various lengths.

Step 2: Lay out the waxed paper on a smooth surface for the letters to dry on.

Step 3: Have the children dip the yarn pieces into the glue container and then shape the wet yarn into letter formations on the waxed paper.

Step 4: Allow the yarn to dry before playing the game.

Step 5: String up a long and sturdy rope in the room, and attach clothespins to it.

Step 5: String a long and sturdy rope up in the room and attach clothespins onto it.
Image: Page Street Publishing

Directions to play

Players work together to place the letters in alphabetic order by attaching them to the rope with the clothespins.

As they place the letters, encourage them to name the letters they are attaching to the rope.

Game variations

Use the letters to create a child’s name on the rope.

Use the letters to create sight words.

Create a timed challenge to see how fast they can put up the letters in alphabetical order.

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Note: This craft needs to be created over the course of a few days to allow for drying. Consider starting with the letters in a child’s name or a specific grouping of letter formations, like E, L, T, I, H.

100 Fun & Easy Learnign Games for Kids
Image: Page Street Publishing

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