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This dad brought a gun to his baby’s gender reveal, and people aren’t happy

There’s nothing we love more than a super-unique gender reveal — which gets harder and harder as parents-to-be step up their game.

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One expectant couple, Jamie Indiveri and her army officer fiancé Keith Batchelder, had a fabulous idea, and with the help of professional photographer Anna Elizabeth, they captured their own gender reveal moment in a series of beautiful shots that have been making the rounds on social media.

The couple asked a friend to go to the hospital and collect the envelope containing their baby’s gender, then fill a box with tannerite and chalk dust in the color matching the gender (pink or blue.) They then took the box next to a secluded area, and Batchelder pointed a rifle at the box, fired a single shot and watched a cloud of blue (it’s a boy!) chalk dust erupt into the air.

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Unfortunately not everyone is down with the fact that Batchelder fired a rifle while he was lying beside his unborn child.

Shooting a gun to reveal gender
Image: Anna Elizabeth Photography

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Shooting a gun to reveal gender
Image: Anna Elizabeth Photography

“That’s messed up, how he’s shooting the gun,” wrote one person. “What a horrible ‘father’ thing to do, shoot a gun like that right in front of your unborn…You can just open it.”

“A Dr. Told us that the concussion may not be good for the baby,” said another. “He was a customer at the range one day. Please dont take my word for it. Go ask a Dr for yourselves. Im just being a concerned person. Thought you should know.”

However, plenty of others thought the reveal was amazing, and the photographer herself called it “the most epic gender reveal” she’d ever photographed. “Keith is in the special forces, so of course there had to be guns and explosive,” wrote Anna Elizabeth on her Facebook page.

We can’t actually believe people are getting their knickers in a twist over this. The guy fired a single shot at a box. He wasn’t taking aim at random targets while a bunch of toddlers ran around him in circles. The couple wore ear protectors during the shoot, and, well… the unborn baby has plenty of protection right where he is. Also, isn’t it common knowledge that before a baby is born, it has absolutely no clue what’s going on in the world it has yet to enter?

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Hopefully these crazy comments haven’t spoiled what was a precious moment for the couple, who only wanted to create a really special gender reveal.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

birth photos
Image: Liz Jennings Photography

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