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Grey’s Anatomy star welcomes baby with a sweet, old-fashioned name

Arizona has had a baby! OK, not quite. But Jessica Capshaw has, and it’s child number four for the Grey’s Anatomy favorite and her husband Christopher Gavigan.

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Capshaw, 39, shared their news on Instagram Monday with a super sweet, sleepy baby pic to introduce her fans to Josephine Kate Gavigan, who was born on May 2, saying, “I am endlessly grateful for her safe arrival and my heart is so full of love that it threatens to burst.”

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Josephine is little sister to Luke, 8, Eve, 5, and Poppy, 3, meaning plenty of helpers for Mom and Baby.

With the name Josephine, which means “Jehovah increases” in Hebrew, the family has continued their affinity for popular yet classic baby names. Josephine has been rising in popularity in recent years as part of the ‘old lady’ trend we’ve seen, coming in at number 131 on the Social Security list of popular girl names in 2015. It’s a much longer name than her siblings’, but it also has the potential to be shortened in various ways, such as Jo, Joey, Josie, Fifi and Fina.

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Capshaw also revealed her pregnancy via Instagram back in December with an adorable family photo, and we’re hoping for lots more baby pics on her page as little Josephine settles into her new home. Congrats, guys!

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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Image: Liz Jennings Photography

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