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Surprise! Eva Mendes actually had her baby two weeks ago

Super-private couple Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have only gone and had another baby while the world was still wildly speculating whether Mendes was actually pregnant or not.

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It was only three weeks ago that the world went crazy after Mendes was photographed carrying a large bag in front of her stomach. Which, as we all know, can only mean one thing. No, not that celebrities are regular people and don’t mind carrying their own bags (even large ones). What it means is that said celeb is with child, and we just know this is true even if neither the celebrity nor her publicist ever confirms it.

In this case, Mendes was pregnant, and far more pregnant than anybody thought. We’re actually slightly pissed on her behalf that she didn’t manage to get to the end of the pregnancy without any speculation. If only she’d left the large bag out of the equation.

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It’s now been reported that daughter No. 2 for Mendes and Gosling was born in Los Angeles on April 29.

According to a birth certificate obtained by TMZ, the new arrival is called Amada Lee Gosling — a little sister for 20-month-old Esmeralda Amada Gosling. Yes, the little sister’s first name is the same as her big sister’s middle name. Amada, which means “beloved” in Spanish, is also the name of Mendes’ grandmother and also the character Mendes played in the 2007 movie We Own The Night.

Naturally we want to know everything about the new baby, but we may have to speculate awhile longer. As with Esmeralda, this celebrity couple is unlikely to share any details (or pictures) of their newborn. With those genes, it’s safe to say she’ll be cuter than cute. And while we’d love to see her for ourselves, we have to admit to liking her parents’ keep-it-quiet style.

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