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Chrissy Teigen managed to piss off moms just by making breakfast

So. Chrissy Teigen had a baby three weeks ago. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. She’s looking fabulous, and we know this to be true because she posted a picture of herself on Instagram cooking breakfast in her robe — showing off her belly!

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Yes, yes, we know. How very dare she expose her post-natal stomach to the world (or at least her 6.6 million Instagram followers.) 

Be honest, ladies. If you looked like this three weeks after giving birth, wouldn’t you share it with your fan base/friends and family? Hell, we’d print out flyers and post them all over the neighborhood. So why is Teigen getting such a bad rap? Amongst the 6,000-plus comments on her Instagram post are things like this: “Models should not have baby’s to self centered [sic]” and “Chrissy you are gorgeous and are very lucky to have snapped back so quickly but I gotta say it feels a little insensitive when for mere mortals this is a huge battle to regain. You look amazing, you are one of the few, be sensitive to those that see you and aren’t so lucky.”

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Teigen’s clearly going to be prepared for the hate on her latest Insta share. After all, the woman has been slammed for everything from taking a breastfeeding snap to going out to dinner without her baby nine days after she was born. Is it any wonder she’s feeling the wrath for cooking eggs in a crop top, denim cut-offs and printed robe?

Even other celeb moms are weighing in on the whole Teigen-cooking-breakfast-in-crop-top scandal. Kelly Clarkson, who welcomed son Remington Alexander on April 12 (two days before baby Luna arrived) tweeted, “Okay, what?! She just had a baby! My train of thoughts…. #hateher #justkidding #kindofnotkidding #jealouslikeJonas.”

Clarkson doesn’t hate Teigen, and clearly she meant to be funny. But even joking about this sort of thing may end up adding fuel to the fire.

Why do women resent moms who snap back into shape weeks after giving birth? We — and our metabolisms — are all different. We wouldn’t dare bash a mom who takes months (or years) to lose her baby weight, so why is it different for moms who shed the pounds quickly?

Also, Teigen isn’t flaunting anything in this picture. She’s making breakfast. Why should she cover up ever inch of her skin just in case others might feel inferior?

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That’s entirely their problem, not hers. She’s not trying to shame anyone else — in fact, since Luna was born every move Teigan has made on social media has been one that all new moms can relate to, from wearing a “diaper” after giving birth to treating herself to a peri bottle. We need to take moms’ bodies out of the equation and remember that whether we have supermodel figures or never quite manage to shift the “baby weight,” we’re all in the same boat and should be building each other up, not trying to break each other down.

Because being a mom is batshit scary no matter what size your waist is.

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