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Celebrities show there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to motherhood

Several celebrity moms took to social media this weekend to share their thoughts on motherhood, showing us just how different motherhood looks on everyone. One thing these celebs make clear is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to being a mom.

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Tyra Banks says that of all the “fashionable hats” she wears, she loves being a mother the most. The new mom writes on Instagram, “I’m hearing, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and I can’t believe how lucky I am!” Banks poses with her baby boy, York, a “miracle baby” who was born a few months ago via a surrogate, and her own mother. When York was born, Banks called him “the best present we worked and prayed so hard for,” thanking her surrogate. Banks’ photos remind us to remember all the surrogate mothers out there too this Mother’s Day, as they made motherhood possible for so many women.

Another first-time mom who had her baby via a surrogate, Lucy Liu, wished a happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there, sharing a photo of herself kissing her new baby boy, Rockwell, on a sheepskin rug. After facing totally indefensible criticism about her choice to use a surrogate (because you know, it’s her body!), Liu teamed up with Tylenol’s #HowWeFamily campaign. “I think ‘How We Family’ is about how we as a modern family are connecting now,” she told People. “Whether it’s your gay parents and you’re doing it that way, or you have a child that’s transgender, it’s more about how you love.”

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And in Time, lesbian mom and celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels wrote a touching poem to her children, daughter Lukensia and son Phoenix, whom she co-parents with her partner, Heidi Rhoades. “I wish I could be a perfect mom who never disappoints you — your personal Wonder Woman / Sadly though, this isn’t possible, as God has made me only human,” she writes. Michaels sweetly pledges to be there for her children whenever they need her: “I’ll be the home you can return to no matter where those dreams take you or how far.”

Candice King speaks happily about the joys of parenting in a blended family. King, a stepmother of two who gave birth to her first baby, Florence May King, in January, writes on Instagram, “So thankful to be a stepmother to my beautiful stepdaughters and a new mommy to this lil punk rock princess.”

King thanks her daughters for everything she’s learned from them, reminding us that everyone wears their “mom shoes” differently: “Honored to watch these girls grow and carve out their place in the world. You’re all teaching me so much about life,” she says. “More than you’ll ever know until you find yourself wearing a pair of mom shoes. They come in all sizes and styles!”

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