JWoww's baby name hits a trifecta of trends

May 6, 2016 at 10:12 a.m. ET

A lot has changed since the world was first introduced to the party-going cast of The Jersey Shore, especially for alum Jenni "JWoww" Farley. The married mom is officially now a married mom of two after she welcomed her new baby boy into the world yesterday evening with a little help from her husband, Roger Mathews.

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The pair already has a daughter, Meilani, but as of 6:03 p.m. yesterday, they've rounded out into a family of four with a son they named with an eye toward new trends and old traditions: Greyson Valor Mathews. They announced their new addition in an Instagram post last night.


Greyson and its alternate spelling Grayson take up spot numbers 133 and 63 on the top list of names for baby boys and have been rising steadily ever since SheKnows predicted exactly that in 2012. It means "son of the steward" or "son of the bailiff," and it hits on a trifecta of baby name trends.

First, it fits right in with the slew of baby boy names that end with an N, which makes sure that little Greyson will be right at home with all the Aidens and Eastons of his graduating class. It has also traditionally been a last name, and the trend of surnames as first names doesn't seem to be going anywhere either.

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Finally, combined with the middle name Valor — which ought to instill more than a little courage into the reality star's little one — Greyson falls squarely onto the list of names that hark back to years past. It might be just a tick more modern than classic favorites borrowed from across the pond like Henry, Olivia and George, but because the Grey in Greyson is spelled the queen's way, there's definitely a connection there.

Could there also be a connection to Game of Thrones? We're not sure if JWoww is a fan, but we can't help but wonder if House Grayson had anything to do with her choice.

Like a lot of parents, it also looks like Farley and Mathews have opted to save the more unique of their name choices for the middle spot on their son's birth certificate. The days of generic middle names certainly seem to be well and truly behind us!

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That's a whole lot of trendiness to pack into one name, but something tells us little Greyson won't have a single problem pulling it off. Mom and Dad seem completely over the moon to welcome their new addition.

Together with his adorable big sister and doting parents, little Greyson can expect a warm welcome into the world. Congratulations, guys!

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