Seriously smart baby names for the big league — the Ivy League, that is

Aug 8, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. ET
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There are eight Ivy League universities, and while all eight school names may not make it onto your baby name list, there are tons of names we can tease out from the schools themselves that are pretty awesome (in addition, of course, to the name Ivy itself).

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Here are the eight Ivy League schools, and for each, we'll dive in to see how the schools themselves bring inspiration to our baby name searches.

ivy league baby names
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University of Pennsylvania

OK, so neither University nor Pennsylvania may be your first choice for a baby name, but what about these ideas inspired by the university, its buildings and other notable features?

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Brown University

Again, we're not directly inspired to name our kid Brown, but what about these other ideas?

  • Lincoln (from Lincoln Field Building)
  • Sidney (from Sidney Frank Hall for Life Sciences building)
  • Lyman (from Lyman Hall)
  • Max (from Maxcy Hall)
  • Arnold (from Arnold Laboratory)
  • Grant (from Grant Recital Hall)
  • Marston (from Marston Hall)

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