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Yes! Yes! Yes! This mom’s birth was positively orgasmic

Did you go into childbirth thinking, “I can’t wait to have the best orgasm of my life?” Nope, us neither. But have we had the wrong attitude all along? Instead of bracing ourselves for relentless agony, should we be thinking of childbirth as another way to get our rocks off?

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Bear with us here. There are actually women who were so overwhelmed by the orgasms they experienced during labor that they want to share their stories with the world.

Blogger Angela Gallo recently revealed that she masturbated during labor for pain relief, and now another mom has shared her own orgasmic birth — which didn’t even require masturbation and resulted in “surges of pleasure” in the moments before her son arrived.

Instead of wishing that her contractions would be over, Sangeeta Freeman from Devon, England, said she was thinking, “I want more of this.” Freeman, now 42, said the orgasm felt no different to one experienced during sex, but that it felt like she “was on a high” and was “so much better” than any orgasm she had ever had.

However, this didn’t come completely out of the blue for Freeman. During pregnancy, she read several books about natural births, which included advice on having a birth that includes sensual pleasure. She bucked the trend in other ways too, inviting a few of her friends around while she was in labor and even having sex with her partner 14 hours in, of which she said, “Although there wasn’t much space inside me, it was just about manageable and very pleasurable indeed. The love I felt for my partner felt truly profound and deep.”

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If you’re wondering how you can get yourself one of these orgasmic births, sadly there are no guarantees (which could be said for all orgasms, no?). Freeman didn’t use any sort of special technique to take herself into the throes of pleasure, but she did say she was in a state of “deep relaxation” after confronting her fears around giving birth.

Orgasm or no orgasm, all moms-to-be would benefit from going into labor with less fear. Most of us are so conditioned to be scared of giving birth (we all love a dramatic labor tale, right?) that it’s no wonder we’re absolutely terrified when our turn comes around.

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If we learn anything from moms like Freeman, it’s not how to climax during labor, but how to try to relax and enjoy (yes, enjoy) the experience. There’s a wonderful gift at the end of it — and an orgasm would just be a pretty nice bonus.

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Parking lot birth
Image: Paulina Splechta

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