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Farrah Abraham’s latest ‘mistake’ could have happened to any mom

Farrah Abraham has done it again. The Teen Mom OG star posted a photo to Instagram of her daughter climbing on a pole at the playground, with a wide front-toothless grin. The photo itself isn’t what is stirring up controversy, but rather the questionable caption Abraham chose to encapsulate this moment. Users on Instagram were quick to decry Abraham’s lack of judgment, and took to personally attacking her for her poor choice of words.

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The photo caption from Snapchat reads: “So this is why the playground is popular – oh boy.” Abraham then made the image public on Instagram, adding the comment, “only on #snapchat #parenthood few do it right.”

If Abraham is implying that joking about her elementary-aged daughter being a stripper is doing parenthood right, she may want to think again. There is nothing funny about the sexualization of young girls, and Abraham clearly didn’t think about the consequences of posting such an inflammatory caption to such an innocent photo. It was definitely a poor judgement call on Abraham’s part, but the firestorm that followed on social media afterwards was no laughing matter, either.

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Anytime a mom posts a “questionable” photo of her child on social media, people suddenly think it’s OK to dole out personal insults and attacks on the mother’s character. Cyber-hate like this isn’t a good solution to a poorly-worded caption. In fact, it’s only making a bad situation worse.

Many who attack parents for their poor choices on social media do so under the guise of being concerned for the child. However, when a bunch of strangers come together to pile on hate like this, everyone loses, especially the kids involved.

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Saying you lament the “poor child” while in the same breath calling their mother every dirty name under the sun doesn’t make you the bigger and better person. A caption might be an honest mistake, but cyber-bullying is a conscious choice.

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