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Model reveals why she wishes she’d given her daughter a ‘proper’ name

Choosing your baby’s name isn’t always easy. So many options, so many years to live with your decision. Luckily most parents are happy with their choice, but some wish they could wind back the clock, go back to those hours of brainstorming and opt for something completely different.

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One such mum is model and TV presenter Rebecca Judd, who joked last week that she wished she’d given her 2-year-old daughter Billie a “proper girl’s name.”

Judd, who will be a mum of three when her identical twin boys are born, may have been half joking, but her admission may ring true for other mums who have experienced baby name regret. On baby naming site Nameberry, there’s an entire forum dedicated to women who wish they’d chosen different names for their tots.

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“I cannot bring myself to call him that and when other people say it I cringe inside and just keep feeling it’s all wrong,” posted one mum about her baby boy’s name.

“I regretted both of my children’s names after birth,” revealed another. “I changed my daughters name from Millie to Sophia. I wish I didn’t.”

Another mum wrote, “I sometimes have name regret also with my 3rd. We named him Declan, which I knew wasn’t very common in our area… but I also didn’t anticipate how many strange looks and mispronunciations we would get either! However, I love the name and know that if I changed to something else that I didn’t have my heart set on that I would experience the same regret.”

These mums show that baby name regrets can take different forms. Sometimes it’s other people’s reactions to the name that cause concern. If that’s the case and you love the name, regrets are pointless. Who cares what anyone else thinks? If we picked baby names to please the majority, everybody would have the same name, and how dull would that be?

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On the other hand, if you really, really don’t like your baby’s name, you may have to admit that you made a mistake and either change it ASAP or just accept that parenting mistakes can come in all shapes and sizes.

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