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Peaceful baby names for a calm, cool baby (hey, here’s hoping)

What’s more peaceful than a slumbering newborn? Truth be told, not much — those first newborn days are precious and special. Of course, those early days don’t always tell how your baby is going to live life over the long run, but why not harness the feeling of those calm days into a beautiful name for your baby boy or girl?

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From names that literally translate to “peace” to those that have similar peaceful meanings, such as calm, tranquil and harmonious, these baby names won’t guarantee a peaceful child, but they certainly lend an air of peacefulness when you consider the origins and meanings of the name.

peaceful baby names
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Peaceful baby names for boys

  • Axel: This is a Scandinavian variation of the Hebrew name Absalom, which means “father is peace.”
  • Benjiro: This cute Japanese name means “enjoy peace.”
  • Calum: A Gaelic name, this means “dove,” a bird commonly associated with peace.
  • Concord: This is a Puritan virtue name that means “peace.”
  • Frederick: An Old French and Old German name, this means “peaceful ruler.”
  • Freed: Meaning “free, peace,” this name has Old English and German origins.
  • Galen: This name comes from a Greek word element that means “calm.”
  • Garvey: An Irish and Gaelic name, this means “rough peace.”
  • Geoffrey: This Old German name means “peace.”
  • Godfrey: Of Old Germanic origin, this means “God peace.”
  • Ingram: A Scandinavian name, this means “raven of peace.”
  • Jalen: A modern take on the name Galen, which means “calm.”
  • Jonah: A Hebrew name, this means “dove.”
  • Manfred: From Old German, this name means “man of peace.”
  • Noah: This popular traditional name means “peaceful.”
  • Oliver: This name stems from the olive tree, which is a traditional symbol of peace.
  • Pax: This is a Latin word that means “peace.”
  • Paxton: This name may be derived from the Latin word for peace, “pax.”
  • Paz: This is another name stemming from the Latin word for peace.
  • Reizo: Stemming from Japanese origins, this name means “cool, calm.”
  • Renfrew: Meaning “calm river,” this name has Welsh roots.
  • Rinji: This Japanese name means “peaceful forest.”
  • Salem: Of Hebrew origin, this name means “peace.”

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Peaceful baby names for girls

  • Amani: This lovely name has Kiswahili roots and means “peace.”
  • Amity: A pretty virtue name, this means “friendship, harmony.”
  • Axelle: This is the feminine form of Axel, which means “father is peace.”
  • Chessa: Meaning “at peace,” this name has Slavic origins.
  • Columba: This Latin name means “dove.”
  • Concordia: Of Latin roots, this name means “harmony.”
  • Dove: A dove is a classic symbol of peace and makes a gorgeous, unique girl name.
  • Evania: Meaning “peaceful,” this name has Greek roots.
  • Frederica: This Old German name is similar to Frederick and means “peaceful ruler.”
  • Fritzi: This cute name also means “peaceful ruler.”
  • Galina: Of Greek origins, this name means “calm.”
  • Harmony: This name means what it says — harmony, unity.
  • Irene: Another name with Greek roots, this name means “peace.”
  • Karinya: Of aboriginal Australian origin, this name means “peaceful home”
  • Lana: The Hawaiian meaning of this name is “calm as still waters.”
  • Lulu: Of Swahili origins, this name means “calm, peaceful.”
  • Olivia: Another name that stems from the olive tree, which is a traditional peace symbol.
  • Peale: This name may come from the Latin word for peace.
  • Rena: This is a short form of the name Irene, which means “peace.”
  • Salome: A Hebrew name, this means “peace.”
  • Selima: Of Arabic origin, this name means “peace.”
  • Winifred: Meaning “joy and peace,” this name has Welsh and Old English roots.

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