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Nick Carter takes a break from slaying zombies to post photo of new baby

The first time I remember seeing the Backstreet Boys’ “As Long as You Love Me” on MTV, I started arguing with the other girls in my sixth-grade class about which boy band member was destined to be my boyfriend. We all demanded Nick Carter, and things started to get dicey. “You can’t have him — I already called him! You’re just copying my choice!” shouted one girl. “No, I called him first,” challenged another. Thankfully, our Hawaiian pizza showed up just in time to keep a full-on war from breaking out.

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As things turned out, Nick Carter did not wind up with any of the girls at my Catholic school and married the lovely Lauren Kitt Carter instead. And in news that will make anyone who can remember swooning over his Sun In-style blonde locks in Teen People feel very old, he just became a dad! Carter just shared photos of the couple’s newborn son Odin Reign Carter on Instagram, and fans gushed over the newest addition to his family.

The baby’s name has some pretty powerful origins. Odin is the name of the Norse god of magic, poetry and battle. And, of course, Reign means exactly that. So, if naming their son after a strong Norse god who rules over creativity is any indication, the Carters have big dreams for baby Odin.

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And new dad Nick Carter has some pretty big new dreams for himself. He’s been reminiscing about his ’90s boy band roots while reinventing himself in the film world as a screenwriter. Carter just premiered a movie he wrote and stars in, Dead7 — a campy apocalyptic flick in which members of now-defunct ’90s boy bands must band together to save Earth from zombies (yes, you heard me right). The film, which premiered on SyFy in the U.S. in April and has international premiere dates in May, has had mixed reviews but has a pretty huge appeal to fans. Who would pass up an opportunity to see members of their favorite ’90s boy bands — and we’re talking members of the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, O-Town, All-4-One and more — reunited again?

Carter has also been working on building a super over-the-top aquarium, making an appearance on Animal Planet’s show Tanked on April 29. Sounds like a pretty fun life, Nick!

It’ll be fun to see how Carter tackles his new roles in the entertainment and parenting world, but whether he’s wrangling zombies, tropical fish or diapers, he’ll always have a special place in ’90s girls’ hearts.

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