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These baby boy names aren’t for the weak

Naming a baby is a pretty big deal, and if your family tree or your old favorites aren’t making their way onto your baby name list, try thinking about traits you’d love your child to have as he grows up — such as bravery or valor.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of kickass baby names that mean brave. From old-timey names like Basil to modern names like Devlin, there is something for everyone in this amazing collection of baby boy names. Names with different origins highlight this list, many with Old German origins, but Gaelic and Arabic names make an appearance too. And better yet, if these names won’t work for a first name, they may fit perfectly as a middle name.

brave boy names
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Which brave baby name here will work for your little boy?

  • Albern: This Old German name means “noble courage”
  • Alexander: A classic name with Greek origins, this means “man’s defender, warrior”
  • Archie: An English and Old German name, this means “bold, brave”
  • Baldwin: Meaning “bold, brave friend,” this name has Old French and German roots
  • Basil: The Arabic origin of this name means “brave”
  • Bernard: This traditional name means “strong, brave bear”
  • Conrad: This strong boy name with German roots means “brave, bold ruler”
  • Cort: Of English and Old German origins, this name means “court attendant, brave”
  • Devlin: A gorgeous Irish and Gaelic name, this means “fierce courage”
  • Dustin: Meaning “brave warrior,” this name has Old German and Old English roots
  • Emery: This Old German name means “brave power”
  • Everett: This is another name with Old German and Old English roots, and it means “brave, strong boar”
  • Farley: A name derived from the Gaelic name Fearghal, which means “brave man”
  • Farris: Of English origin, this name also means “brave man”
  • Fergus: A Scottish, Irish and Gaelic name, this means “man of valor”
  • Gerard: This Old English name means “spear brave”
  • Gifford: A name with Old English roots, this means “brave giver”
  • Harding: This boy name comes to us from Old English and means “brave, strong”
  • Jabari: Meaning “valiant,” this name has Swahili roots
  • Kendrick: A Welsh name, this may have origins in an Old English name meaning “bold power”
  • Kennard: Derived from Old English, this name means “brave guard”
  • Maynard: Meaning “brave of hard strength,” this name has Old German origins
  • Rainart: Of Old German origin, this name means “brave counsel”
  • Tybalt: This Old German name means “brave people”
  • Tyr: The name of an Ancient Norse god who was very brave and bold

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