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Finally, a card for ‘my kid is driving me batshit crazy’

Forget birthdays and christenings. It’s the quirks of everyday life with a toddler that really deserve to be celebrated. And Australian company Mildly Witty Milestones has released a range of cards to help exhausted parents see the funny side when their kid draws all over the walls or stays awake for 24 hours.

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Marketed as the “wittiest, fanciest, schmanciest baby + toddler milestone cards,” the series recognizes the early parenting moments everyone endures, from finding your kid with their hands in the toilet bowl to dodging handfuls of food as it flies through the air.

What’s really selling these cards to us is the social media campaign, consisting of photos of cheeky toddlers posing alongside the cards.


Witty parenting cards
Image: Mildly Witty Milestones/Instagram


Witty parenting cards
Image: Mildly Witty Milestones/Instagram

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