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A sleepless Kelly Clarkson shares super cute baby photos

Let’s face it: We tell all new moms their babies are adorable, but sometimes, we may stretch the truth just a little. Take me — I was a forceps baby and came out with a head that resembled a squashed turnip (but thanks, Mom, for insisting I was beautiful). But nobody’s going to be telling Kelly Clarkson any little white lies, because her new baby is honestly the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!

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She shared photos of her and Brandon Blackstock’s new son — whose name, Remington Alexander, makes him sound like a soap opera hero — this weekend via Instagram and Twitter. “Meet Remy, our newest edition [sic] to the family! #charmfordays #watchoutladies,” Clarkson tweeted, sharing gorgeous black and white photos shot by photographer Koby Brown.

Clarkson looks so peaceful as she kisses her son on the head. And the American Idol winner certainly deserves every minute of domestic bliss like this that she gets with her new baby, given that she’s spoken openly about how difficult her pregnancies have been.

Forget morning sickness — during her pregnancy, Clarkson opened up to CBS This Morning about the fact that she was suffering from “all-day sickness” so severe that she’d wind up hooked up to an IV to treat her dehydration. And during her first pregnancy, she admitted to Ellen Degeneres that she vomited “a good dozen times a day!” Yikes! So it’s good to see Clarkson finally getting to enjoy her new baby.

She got a little flak about using the wrong word in her birth announcement, though it just proves that like any new parent, she’s totally exhausted. When someone called her out on Twitter for writing “edition to the family” instead of “addition to the family,” Clarkson blamed the typo on the fact that she hadn’t slept in days. But seriously, come on people! Give the lady a break — she just pushed a new life into the world!

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Now that Remy’s joined her family, we can hope for more adorable photos and videos, like the ones she posts of his sister, River Rose. Check out this video of River — who will soon be the star of her very own children’s book, written by Clarkson — looking every bit the diva.

And then there’s this perfect photo of River just hating every minute of her visit to see Santa. We expect these two sibs will get up to some pretty cute antics together.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below: 

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Image: Inti St. Clair/Getty Images

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