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Baby girl names that mean ‘brave’ will get her off to a good start

If there’s one gift we can give our daughters when they’re born, it’s a strong, brave name. As the fight for equal rights continues, every little bit helps, right? Giving your girl a name that embodies all the characteristics of a powerful female is the perfect way to remind the world of the strength of women throughout history.

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English names that mean brave

English names meaning brave may not appear at the top of the baby-naming charts, but part of being brave is being different, right?

Greek names that mean brave

Forget goddess names and give your girl a Greek name to bring out her courageous side.

French names that mean brave

A French name will give your fearless little female a certain je ne sais quoi.

Latin names that mean brave

The language of Ancient Rome, Cicero and Julius Caesar inspired naming traditions of dozens of languages throughout the world, and offers many options for your brave little baba.

More girl names that mean brave

Whatever language you choose for your baby girl name, there’s plenty of proof that bravery is a quality we all want to foster in our girls.

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