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Perfect Royal Baby Boy Names to Crown Your Little Prince

We’re still waiting with bated breath for Meghan Markle to give birth (any day now!) and finally put to rest the debates over her baby-to-be’s sex. But if she follows in Kate Middleton’s footsteps and her firstborn is a boy, we’ve got plenty of royal baby boy names for her (and Harry) to choose from. I mean don’t get us wrong, we have royal baby girl name ideas, too. We also have some nature name suggestions if the Sussexes want to go green, city name suggestions (Princess London is bound to happen someday)… what can we say, we’re a veritable font of baby name ideas.

That said, if you’re about to have a royal (in your eyes, at least) baby boy yourself, look no further for a name befitting your little highness. The royal-names roster of yore offers quite a rich selection, spanning several hundred years of history. We’re pretty sure the Sussexes will take note.

British kings

If you want a traditional British name for your baby boy, the monarchy has some classics. Look back through the history of the British royal family, and you’ll find a plethora of Georges, Williams and Edwards; the most recent George in the Windsor family is of course Prince George, firstborn child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Queen Victoria’s sons

She had four of them, and thanks to the royals’ love of multiple middle names, those four provide even more options for a royal boy name.

Current British royal names

Don’t fancy Edward, William or George? The other males in the royal family have traditional names that have been popular for centuries.

  • Prince Charles (Prince of Wales)
  • Prince Andrew
  • Prince Henry Charles Albert David (Prince Harry)

Combining trend with royal tradition

James, Harry and Charlie, other names from the male side of the Windsor family, have been in the top 10 baby boy names in England and Wales for several years, while Michael was the No. 1 American baby boy name for almost half a century, before slipping to No. 7 in the list in 2014.

Other European royal baby names

For something a little different, there are plenty of unusual boy names that still have a royal heritage. Some other European monarchies provide baby name ideas that are outside of the norm.

  • Prince Gabriel Baudouin Charles Marie of Belgium
  • Prince Henrik Marie Jean André of Denmark
  • Frederik André Henrik Christian, crown prince of Denmark
  • Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John of Denmark
  • Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander of Denmark
  • Prince Joachim Holger Waldemar Christian of Denmark
  • Prince Nikolai William Alexander Frederik of Denmark
  • Prince Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian of Denmark
  • Prince Sébastien Henri Marie Guillaume of Luxembourg
  • Haakon, crown prince of Norway

The Russian royal family offer something a little different — names that combine history, grandeur and tradition.

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