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Chrissy Teigen’s Snapchats of baby Luna are everything you’d hoped for

Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to make caring for a newborn baby look like the party of the year. The proud mama, along with husband John Legend, hasn’t been shy about introducing the world to her precious baby girl Luna Simone — and Teigen took to Snapchat to discover even more creative ways of showing off the new little one.

Teigen went filter crazy while Luna slept peacefully in her arms, experimenting with both the puppy lens, a makeup filter and, most fitting of all, a floral crown that suits her new status as queen mom. All the while, Luna, who is now just a little more than one week old, sleeps peacefully on Teigen’s chest, completely unaware of the fact that hundreds of thousands of her mom and dad’s fans are cooing and laughing over these photos. Ah, to be a newborn and already a household name.

There was this delightful Snapchat session where Teigen is grooming her little girl:
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And then there were these playful pics showing that Teigen may already be missing her glam days, when hundreds of people fretted over her face and hair (don’t worry, Chrissy, you’ll be back doing photo shoots before you know it):
Granted, Luna is sleeping soundly in these photos, but Teigen is making motherhood look like a breeze. She seems so comfortable in her new role — as if she is just going with the flow and embracing every moment.

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It’s difficult, sometimes, to remember that the very early days of motherhood (I’m talking the first two weeks) can be extremely serene and even a bit boring. Sure, you’re learning how to nurse or bottle-feed your baby and are up every two hours to care for her, but her demands are usually reasonable and straightforward: feed me, soothe me, put me to sleep. If anyone is wondering how Teigen has so much time on her hands to Snapchat these moments, it’s probably because her sleeping schedule is so wacky and off-track that there are times when she doesn’t know what the heck to do with herself.

And let’s not forget: New moms need to interact with the outside world or they’ll lose their sanity — even if that just means reaching out to folks who follow them on social media.

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Let’s hope Teigen keeps these photos, vids and new mom updates coming. The world needs an honest new mom who tells it like it is.

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