It’s obvious why John Legend got to share the first pic of baby Luna’s face

What’s cuter than Chrissy Teigen snuggling her baby while the family dog hangs his head, all bummed out that he’s been replaced? Only the first official shot of baby Luna, bright-eyed and staring at a camera. And it’s here!

John Legend shared the first “real” photo of the couple’s baby girl today, ending the debate over who this baby was going to look like. The verdict? Luna — or Lulu as they’re calling her — is daddy’s girl all right!

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Now, she’s only a few days old, so we may start to see more Chrissy in her as time goes on, but you may have heard the old wives tale about the caveman paternity test? Legend has it (seriously, there’s no science behind this that we can tell) that children tend to come out looking more like daddy because way back in the day, it meant dad would be more accepting of the child.

It may be all hogwash, but many a mom can attest to being handed their baby in the delivery room after nine loooong months and the pain of contractions, only to take a look at that sweet little face and realize they don’t see any of themselves in there.

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Of course, the good news (for moms anyway) is that babies’ looks change a whole lot over time. In a week little Luna could be looking a whole lot more like her gorgeous mom. Then again, it looks like John’s genes are pretty strong.

Who do you think Luna looks like?

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