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Backstreet Boy no more: Nick Carter just became a daddy!

In the late ’90s/early 2000s, it was hard to find a girl who didn’t melt into a puddle of her own saliva at the sound of Nick Carter’s voice. The former Backstreet Boy, who was most recently showing off his moves on Dancing With The Stars, is now trying his hand at fatherhood. On Tuesday, Carter and his wife, Lauren, welcomed their first child into the world — an 8 -pound, 11-ounce baby boy named Odin Reign Carter.

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Carter’s wife endured 30 hours of labor before she delivered baby Odin at home via water birth. The couple is reportedly through the moon, and given their rocky road while trying to conceive, their elation is completely understandable.

Carter has been very honest with the media about the struggle he and his wife had becoming parents. Last November the singer revealed that he and his wife had been trying to conceive for a year, and that they had also suffered a very difficult miscarriage in the process.

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Given the couple’s painful struggle to become parents, they wanted to give their first child a powerful name, and we’ve got to say that the meaning behind the name they chose for their baby boy is perfection. Odin is the name of the supreme Norse god of art, culture, wisdom and law; it is also associated with strength, power and charm.

Reign — which has been gaining popularity since Kourtney Kardashian chose it for her little man in 2014 — means “to rule.” Pretty fitting for a baby who has undoubtedly already got his beaming parents wrapped around his tiny little finger.

Carter has gushed about his wife’s strength in the past and has admitted that seeing her become a mother has made him fall even deeper in love with her than he was before. He’s not been shy with his emotions or their fertility struggle, so there’s no doubt that getting to hold baby Odin in his arms for the first time played a note on his heart strings that even he had never heard.

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Congratulations to the new parents, and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Now, we’re going to go cry happy tears and listen to our favorite Backstreet Boys songs.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Image: Rana Rankin – Breathe Birth Photography

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