People are losing their ever-loving minds over Chrissy Teigen’s baby photo

Brand-new mom Chrissy Teigen is finding it hard to catch a break in the millions-strong courtroom of internet public opinion. She’s been lambasted for choosing her baby’s sex, opting to hire a night nurse and for her pregnancy cravings, and it looks like the verdicts aren’t going to stop rolling in anytime soon.

The TV host and model shared her very first photo of her adorable smidgen of an infant, Luna, on Instagram, and amid all the “ooohs” and awwws,” there’s plenty of finger-wagging over something else that features prominently in the snap — her milk-engorged breasts.

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The photo, which features the lovestruck mom outside on her own patio with a bereft-looking furbaby and her gorgeous baby — who already has a full head of hair and a nickname, Lulu — in her lap while in prime gazing position is, by all rights, a pretty sweet first mom-and-daughter photo.

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hi my lulu!

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If only it weren’t for those confounded boobs!

Teigen, who should really know better by now than to dress how she likes less than a week postpartum on her own property, is no stranger to people taking offense to whatever they can, so comments like these probably won’t surprise her in the least.

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Still, it’s always a little disappointing to realize that people can take a picture of an infant and use it as a club to beat the infant’s mother with. Particularly since so many of the commenters appear to be women and mothers themselves. To be fair, they also appear to have been mothers back when daguerreotypes were the preferred way to disseminate pictures of children as opposed to social media.

But perhaps the time that’s elapsed between then and now has made the memory of enormous milk-engorged monster boobs a bit fuzzy. Because if you’ve ever been pregnant, the chances are extremely high that your breasts also looked and felt like they’d been hit with a super-size ray. Boobs get so big and conspicuous postpartum that even a sack dress can look downright porny, let alone a comfy tank top.

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Sigh. What’s interesting about some of the criticism is that it not only underestimates the magical power of breasts to grow exponentially, but it overestimates how desperate Teigen supposedly is for attention. The only explanation for boobs in a picture alongside a baby, it would seem, is an insatiable lust for people to look at said boobs.

Not that a new mom is so fogged by exhaustion and hormones and a completely blinkered focus on her newborn that she probably sees her baby and not her breasts when she previews a picture like this and hits share. Not that she assumed people would, by 2016, have come to grips with the scandal that is women and their various parts being visible on social media. Not that in a day and age when people start shouting “breast is best” at the top of their lungs from the moment you pee on a stick, a person could feel like they don’t have to don a nun’s habit to hide their engorged baby-feeding devices.

No, it’s probably just for attention.

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