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Chrissy Teigen had her baby and the name is out of this world

Say goodbye to Chrissy Teigen, funniest pregnant woman on Twitter. Say hello to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, brand new parents. The model, cookbook author and TV show host has revealed she gave birth to their little girl on Thursday … and somehow managed to keep it all secret for days, up until John spilled the beans on his own Twitter account.

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Their other big secret? The baby name, which Teigen shared on Instagram, along with the little girl’s stats (6 pounds 11 ounces). Introducing Luna Simone Stephens (Legend’s real name is John Stephens).

The couple reportedly asked President Barack Obama for his thoughts on their baby name, and if this is the one he chose, the commander in chief may have a future in baby naming after he leaves office. Not bad, Mr. President! The name is a perfect fit for a singer’s daughter.

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For starters, say it out loud. Sound familiar? Nina Simone anyone? Pretty darn close.

What’s more, Simone is French for heard and Hebrew for loud. And something tells us this little girl is going to be loud and heard a LOT in the Legend/Teigen home in weeks to come. Most babies are.

Luna, meanwhile is — not surprisingly — Latin for the moon. The out-of-this-world moniker was also an alternate name for Artemis, the goddess of — you guessed it — the moon.

Both names are linked with people who are drawn to the arts (ahem, have you looked at her parents?) and enjoy careers in the spotlight. Pretty perfect fit.

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Congrats to Chrissy and John!

What do you think of the name?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Parking lot birth
Image: Paulina Splechta

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