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This mom’s crazy unique gender reveal will have you ‘dyeing’

Whether you love them or hate them, one parenting trend that looks like it’s here to stay is the “gender-reveal,” where expectant parents gather their friends and family to discover what sex their baby will be. Sometimes the parents know ahead of time, and sometimes it’s a surprise even to them and, boy, can these things get super-creative sometimes.

We’ve seen celebrity reveals, reveals with powder-filled baseballs and entire pink-and-blue themed parties to heighten the suspense around whether a new baby will be a boy or a girl.

But we can honestly say we’ve never seen something like this.

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In a viral video posted to Facebook, a South Dakota mom-to-be named Amanda enlisted the help of hairstylist Amber Sacrison for her very special gender reveal. In it, Amanda, who did not know ahead of time whether she’d be having a boy or a girl, fidgets excitedly with a few friends while she waits for the big moment. Then, the hairstylist removes the cover on her new look:

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It’s a boy! You get the feeling from the video that maybe Amanda and her husband, Gerald, were sort of hoping for a son, because she absolutely explodes from joy. It’s a really sweet moment that perfectly captures how it feels to learn the sex of your baby. In a way, it sharpens the edges around the reality of your pregnancy. It’s no longer “the baby.” It’s “my son” or “my daughter.”

Whether it’s the uniqueness of the reveal itself or the absolute, unbridled happiness that Amanda displays when she learns what sex she’s expecting, something about this video definitely has people talking. Well, watching, at least: 8 million people have watched the video and 85,000 people have shared it, putting it firmly into the “viral” column. The video was actually made in November of last year, but it’s picked up speed recently.

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And we have to hand it to her: This particular gender reveal seems to hit a sweet spot. It’s completely unique, and it serves another purpose as well, because who wouldn’t want blue hair? You have to admire that, instead of spending a fortune on a one-day party — who needs that kind of stress during pregnancy, anyway — this clever mom found a way to reveal her baby’s sex and give herself a day at the salon. That’s the definition of working smarter and not harder, right?

Either way, with fashion-color hair being as popular as gender reveals these days, it’s probably a safe bet to say that we’ll be seeing more videos like this. Particularly because a vast majority of comments on the video are excited, expectant moms who quite like the idea of a little pampering instead of party planning.

Now see what you’ve done, Amanda? Thanks!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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Image: Leilani Rogers/Photos by Lei

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