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Teen Mom star hangs out with his kids and a sex offender like it’s NBD

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind has found himself in hot water yet again, but this time the water is boiling. Bad boy and father to two girls — Aubree and Paisley — with exes Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halibur has allegedly been spending his visitation with his daughters while his sex offender pal tags along.

Adam’s friend, Bruce William Crawford, has been charged with multiple counts of sexual exploitation and has been on the registered sex offenders list for eight years. He’s also been charged with distributing harmful materials (porn) to minors, obscene and lewd phone calls, and has exposed himself publicly to minors several times, according to court documents.

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Not exactly the kind of company one would see as appropriate for little girls, is he? We have no way of knowing whether Lind invited this friend along or if he just happened to show up, but it still makes any parent’s stomach uneasy just thinking about what could potentially happen to those little girls in such bad company.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a concern that Lind’s exes have to worry about — registered sex offenders are something that needs to be on every parent’s radar. The reality of trying to keep our children safe, though, is that we’re not always completely aware that they’re within harm’s distance in the first place. Sex offenders, and any criminal for that matter, don’t walk around with scarlet letters on their heads making their presence known, and we don’t always have the ability to avoid them.

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The best thing we can do as parents is to just be super vigilant when it comes to our children’s surroundings. That doesn’t mean locking them in the house until they’re old enough to defend themselves, but it does mean that we need to keep an eye on them while playing outdoors or out in public. Pay attention to people that seem uncharacteristically interested in your child, and let other parents know if you see something that might be suspicious because we’re all better equipped to take care of our kids in numbers.

Also, check the FBI’s sex offender registry for offenders who might possibly be in your neighborhood or areas you frequent. You don’t have to be on pins and needles, worried about protecting your child every hour of every day, but if you know of certain people in certain areas, you will be able to make sure that you’re prepared and on guard when in those locations.

Keeping a close eye on our kids’ social media is also a good way of catching sex offenders in pursuit. Though kids likely see us watching their social media as intrusive, it could potentially save their life, so it’s definitely worth being “uncool” to keep them safe. There are several apps available that you can install on your phone or tablet that can also aid in keeping your child safe.

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Lind hasn’t made a public statement since the news of his friend has been brought to light. We can only hope for the sake of his children that he takes something like a sex offender as seriously as we do.

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