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Teacher wins a twerking contest, then loses her job for it

We’ll never forget the infamous twerk of Miley Cyrus at the 2013 MTV VMA awards. Since then the act of “twerking” has become widely recognized, and the Internet is full of clip after clip of people, ranging from senior citizens to spunky toddlers, all sharing their rendition of the dance. And though our culture rarely even blinks twice at twerking anymore, one teacher actually lost her job because of it.

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A 24-year-old elementary school teacher who has been identified as “Carla,” entered a twerking contest at the Mango Deck Restaurant, Bar & Beach Club at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. Carla won the contest and took home $260 in prize money. Her twerking was recorded and uploaded to Facebook, and, you guessed it, went viral.

The school that Carla worked at is located in the Mexican town of Ciudad Obregon. Once they caught wind of her dancing, she was forced to resign upon returning to work from her vacation. The school’s principal and lawyers are alleged to have called her immoral, immature and, most shockingly — a whore.

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Wait a second — when did twerking begin to merit such unnecessary name-calling? And is doing such a dance really grounds for someone to lose their job? She isn’t a nun; she’s a teacher!

Our kids’ teachers work hard. They’re tasked with the duty of educating our children and aiding in their transition to become fully functional, independent adults. There’s a lot of things our children’s teachers wish we knew, including the fact they their job is not an easy one. Teaching is a tough profession, and it’s understandable that a teacher might want to cut loose every now and then, right? We all do!

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Twerking teachers are hardly even a blimp on the radar of other concerns that need to be addressed when it comes to our children’s education. It’s not like she was breaking any laws or teaching “An Introduction to Twerking” to some 5-year-olds. She was on her vacation and being a perfectly law-abiding citizen; nothing she did had any ill effect on her students, yet she was called immoral and asked to resign.

As long as they aren’t breaking the law, what teachers do with their free time is really none of anyone else’s business, including ours. If teachers want to twerk, let them twerk!

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