Mom posts sweet selfie with newborn online — what could possibly go wrong?

Apr 12, 2016 at 11:34 a.m. ET
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A fitness guru and former Miss Universe finalist has responded to critics who slammed her for a selfie she shared on Instagram of herself with her newborn baby boy, Jeremiah (Miah).

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The shot shows first-time mom Chontel Duncan, from Brisbane, Australia, in her gym gear holding 13-day-old Miah. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, unfortunately, many Instagram users found plenty wrong with it and wasted no time in criticizing Duncan. Their beef? She wasn’t supporting little Miah’s head properly.

The image appears to show Miah’s head lolling backward while his mom is concentrating on her phone screen.


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"You really shouldn't hold a newborn baby that way! He's in pain! Poor baby," commented one person. Another said, "Girl, you don’t have a brain." And so they continued, hundreds of them — although among the 3,500-plus comments was plenty of support for Duncan. As one person pointed out, "Some babies can hold their heads up for a short amount of time the day they are born."

But sadly, people seemed to want to jump to their own conclusions and give this mom a hard time before she even had the chance to defend herself. And boy, defend herself she did. First, she posted another image, a split screen showing how Miah had been resting against her shoulder before he raised his head for a second while she was snapping. "I just happened to have caught it on camera before he then laid his head back down on my chest," wrote Duncan, before making it clear that negative comments would be deleted and haters would be blocked.


Do people spend their lives scouring social media for pictures of happy, caring parents they can reprimand and belittle? That's what it seems like sometimes. Are those same people leading perfect lives, never putting — or appearing to put — a foot wrong? That's highly unlikely. The perfect parent doesn't exist. But social media would have us believe otherwise.

In this case, Duncan hadn't even made a mistake. Her only oversight was sharing a beautiful picture of herself and her baby without anticipating the backlash it would trigger from small-minded, judgmental people.

If it's impossible to quit judging, could we at least wait until we have the full picture before we turn into thoughtless keyboard warriors?

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